Nicoletta Bagatti


I remember the solo exhibition entitled 'I MNEMAGOGHI' at the Monumental Library of San Giovanni in Parma in 1999 : I had done others before, but this one was the most important because it was studied in detail.

I had thought very carefully about the theme, the size of the pieces (88×88 cm because 1988 is the year my father passed away) and their number (only 16). I had found a suitable place and had made my first little catalog.

It was a success, not only because so many people saw the exhibition and I sold many of the works, but mainly because many people understood the subject matter: that of remembrance!

In particular, a lady I did not know and was visiting the exhibition understood this. She introduced herself, complimented me, and then was moved.

I was hurt, I thought I had said or done something wrong!

And instead, after a few endless moments of anxiety, she confided in me that my works had reminded her of her loved ones, reminded her of the simple things, the important details that we often overlook, the very things she missed the most.

I felt, I think for the first time, that the language I use to communicate myself can be understood!

In the following years I did many things, among others I participated with some friends in the art fair for artists in Turin. There I got to know Andrea and Paola's Naos Art, who organized an exhibition for me soon after, and we started a friendship that has lasted ever since.

Then I collaborated with other art galleries, the most important of which was Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo , a gallery in San Miniato in the province of Pisa.

With them I got to know a new way of experiencing art, through experiences in direct contact with collectors and other artists.

In 2004 Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo chose me to do a cultural exchange with artists from the United States, so that summer I went to paint inside the Art Center in Miami.

I engaged with the public visiting the center, but especially with the other artists from all over the world, who were also inside the Art Center at that time. 

Every morning I was in my assigned studio and worked hard to be able to finish the pieces that I had repurposed to present at the group exhibition titled "Miami Inspiration," and they were finally exhibited in September of that year at the Italian Consulate in Miami. To say that it was wonderful is perhaps reductive.

In September 2009, at the Eleonora D'Andrea Arte contemporanea gallery in Prato, I presented the exhibition "...A Nudo," which was then also presented in Milan and at the Verona fair.

Here my installation was noticed and a month later presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lucca.

With the portrait series, in 2011 the Magenta Gallery organized a traveling exhibition in Magenta entitled "Tra seta. sogno e sapere"

Other important collaborations are with Nuovospazio Arte Contemporanea gallery in Piacenza, Pini Arte Moderna e Contemporanea and Tiziana Severi Arte Contemporanea.

Some of my works can be found at various institutional locations including Vimercate City Library and new Avis headquarters Sorbolo section.