Nicoletta Bagatti


The world today more than ever needs beauty, needs positive creativity needs honest people who ethically pursue their dreams.

My goal has always been to bring out the beauty from the simplest things, so that we can enjoy every moment that life gives us.

I have discovered from an early age the ability to express myself while creating a drawing or painting. In those moments I feel free to draw what I like best and express myself as I see fit.

I realized that I always like to deal with new topics , which stimulate continuous research, so I decided to work by series.

My motto? "NO RULES BUT RIGHT," a principle that comes from within me: in everything I do in work and in life.

I started by drawing a lot.

I felt at some point that I needed to perfect myself, and I took a life drawing course for six months from master Gianni Melegari in Parma, who helped me and made me understand even better how important commitment to this art was. He often told me "the hand had to be trained at least an hour a day to respond to commands given by the eyes..."

I subsequently, tried painting with my sister's oil paints. And it was love right away. I liked them for their brightness, their body, their scent, their slowness to dry and, above all, for the fact that they can be used in so many ways-I just had to find my own, and I love a challenge!

I used to paint everything, especially I loved to reproduce Caravaggio paintings, and my early work I showed only to my family and a few friends.

After I got married, I finally found my space and began to devote much more and much more seriously to my passion.

It was during those years that I began to participate in competitions and the first group exhibitions.