Nicoletta Bagatti


 I paint with an ancient technique, that of oil painting. 

Oil paints are nothing more than pigments mixed with linseed oil or even poppy oil (which I prefer!).

Oil is an excellent binder, and hardening in contact with oxygen, it forms an insoluble and durable film, also maintains the brilliance of colors over time.

I use glazes when I paint, which are very thin layers of color because they are very diluted, which I spread over the painting as it dries, to achieve transparency effects and transform the underlying color to my liking.

To conquer this particular technique and get the results I want, it took me many, many years of experiments that are still not finished. Like the time I wanted to get a very smooth and slippery surface on which to spread oil paints, precisely in glaze... But instead of using the usual glue, I spread a paint suitable for repainting, and so I was able to get an effect that I like very much!

I curate my works in every part, starting with the construction of the support. I highlight the parts of the painting that I need to express the message I want and leave the other parts incomplete : so you yourself can integrate and finish the work with your imagination.